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DHTML week planner  v.1.2

This DHTML scripts makes it easy for you to handle your appointements directly on your web page. Create new appointments by dragging from start to end. Move them by dragn drop and edit them directly on the page. Ajax is used to send your changes back

TriForm Creator  v.1.0

TriForm Creator is a simple, easy-to-use (D)HTML form creator. You can create simple forms with 0-level HTML knowledge, and/or create affects with some DHTML scripts. You can also get a sample PHP script which displays the input!

HotHTML 3 Professional  v.1.6.3389

HotHTML 3 is a html editor and text editor rolled into one. With powerful web-rich features to make development of any platform solution seamless. Supporting over 24 languages natively and the ability to add others to the arsenal. Unique features

PageTranslator  v.1.0

Google has created a fantastic set of tools to allow you totranslate any web page from one language to another. However, for most, it is a bit difficult to integrate into your existing site. PAGE TRANSLATOR does all the work for you! You also get the

Advanced Javascript color picker  v.1.1

Advanced Javascript color picker designed to be a visual way to select RGB color for form inputs on a web page. You can choose colors from a palette of web colors, named colors or by using a RGB color

Ajax Tooltip  v.1.1

A small and easy to use script where the content of the tooltip is fetched by Ajax from external

Chess blindfold trainer  v.1.1

Improve your visualisation skills with this useful script. This script includes excersises such as * Finding the correct move * Find knight moves * Find squares on same diagonal * Find color of

Cross browser Javascript calendar

This calendar is crossbrowser. It supports different date formats, and you can use it for both standard text inputs and select

Crossbrowser Javascript calendar  v.2.1

The calendar supports different date formats and both normal text inputs and select boxes. Its easy to change which language to use. Currently, three languages are supported: English, German and

Drag and drop - quiz script  v.1.1

This is cross browser dragn drop script. The script let you drag small boxes and drop them on some predefined columns. The goal is to drag them to the correct column. Colors are used to indicate if you dropped it correctly or not. A script especially

Drag and drop elements  v.1.1

This script let you drag elements to a set of predefined boxes. A useful script for web

Dragable RSS boxes  v.1.1

This script shows RSS feeds from different sources inside dragable boxes. The boxes are created dynamically by use of

Dragable web content script  v.1.1

This script gives you an easy way to make elements on your web page dragable. It makes it possible to drag and drop paragraphs, images or larger blocks by just assigning them to the css class

HTML Builder XP  v.5.6

HTML Builder XP is a powerful, professional and easy to use development environment for HTML. This development tool comes with an impressive and easy to use interface as well as many of the best features from other top HTML Editors. Some of the

Image crop GUI  v.1.1

Drag a rectangle around the area you want to crop or type in the coordinates. This program is a useful frontend for image manipulation software like

Javascript color chooser  v.1.1

A visual way to select RGB color for form inputs on a web page. You can choose colors from a palette of web colors, named colors or by using a RGB color

List based drop down menu

This menu looks good, its easy to configure and search engine

Slide out menu  v.1.1

A nice menu where the sub menu slides out to the right. The content of the menu is created by use of plain HTML. That makes it search engine

Slide out Help panel

A useful script when you want to show help or other information on your web page. A panel slides out from the left or from the top when you press F1("Help"). You can also use links to show the panel. The script is tested in IE5+, Firefox and

Win XP style tabs  v.1.01

Want to separate your content into Win XP style tabs? In this script, you only define the content of your tabs by use of plain HTML inside divs. Then you specify tab titles and width of tab

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